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5 reasons why you should be investing in your brand

5 reasons why you should be investing in your brand   You look tired! Doing two jobs? Running the business managing your companies branding and marketing? No wonder you’re not…

Customer Personas
Brand & Identity Business For busy businesses & entrepreneurs

8 Questions To Ask When Finding Your Customer Personas

“Know what your customer wants and what you do best, and focus where these two meet”   With this in mind, understanding your customers inside out is one of the…

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5 Questions you must be able to answer before you rebrand

  5 Questions you must be able to answer before you rebrand.   The decision to rebrand is a big one for most businesses. New name potentially, new logo, new…

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What will be the Top 5 Branding Trends for 2018? Brand building is ever evolving and staying on top of trends is a must for any sized business.   I…

Business lifestyle

How to Stay Healthy in Business

Why don’t you join Cross Fit with me? Came the request from my partner 6 months ago. Ummmmm NO I’m not into Gyms! Came the reply BUT, somehow I started…


Why Should Businesses Use Freelancers Rather than Hire Full-Timers?

One of the major premises behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution is that companies cannot benefit from keeping big teams of full-time employees. The solution to this problem lies in the…


When to say no to a client, and how to do it

Learning how to say “No” is one of the hardest things I have had to learn in my business. As a freelancer it is a survival instinct to say, “Yes…


5 Marketing Strategies that will double your followers on social media

This month I am very happy to introduce Alex Williams who writes for Biz Mark Blog  and has collaborated with Green Lichen and Duct tape marketing and Huffington Post amount…


10 Tips To Green Up Your Business And Save Money

I am very happy to publish another blog by Stacey Cooper from  At the beginning of the year everyone has good intentions, being greener in your business is a smart…


Lessons to tell my full time office working self

  I am so proud to have Gemma Silvia from Yum Tree Foods write this great blog post for me. I have now been out of full time office working…


The Ultimate Guide to Financial Independence

Stacey Cooper  a business consultant and a contributor on  kindly offered to write this interesting and useful blog for me. Thanks Stacey. A goal without a plan is just…

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Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.

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Top Tip to getting found online

Getting found online is super easy isn’t it? Don’t you just get a website and some business cards, sit back and watch the cash roll in Slap me why don’t…

Project Management

Simple Project Management tools everyone can use

  Life is cyclical; everything comes in and out of fashion, flares, rarrar skirts, beards and moustaches. As with the good old handle bar moustache, it’s project managements time to…

For designers & creatives

5 mistakes creatives make when quoting

  When a client is making a decision about who to work with on a creative project, many things come into play.   Portfolio of work on your website –…