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4 Step Brand Audit

Why do your potential customers want to work with you?
What makes your business or product so special?

What do you stand for in the market place?
Why does it matter?

The Business Designers use brand strategy and creative thinking to develop branding that works, before commencing the creation process of our customers visual identity we perform our 4 Step Brand Audit, to ensure companies have clarity and confidence about what their brand stands for within the marketplace and how this information can ensure a successful ROI for any marketing moving forwards.


  • Do you feel that your brand and marketing materials reflect how great your business truly is?
  • Do you find it hard to articulate what you stand for to your customers and the marketplace?
  • Do you really understand your customers reasons for buying, and why they need to work with you or buy your products?


With over 15 years in developing brands and experience running creative teams and designers, delivering projects for blue chip companies both in Australia and the UK, we know that businesses face the following challenges:
  • Many creative projects take too long
  • The marketing created delivers little or no return on investment
  • Their marketing plans have no clear lead funnel
  • Their brand has no personality and no connection with their ideal customers

When a company doesn’t have a brand personality that resonates with their target audience, nothing aligns and it makes building a connection with your customer very hard. Businesses and customers do business with companies that they feel understand and identify with them.

Before you invest in a new logo, website, business cards and marketing collateral we need to know if your brand connects with your ideal customers. Engage The Business Designers to do our 4 Step Brand Audit on your business and have confidence in your brand and the impact of your marketing.

What does our 4 Step Brand Audit cover?



Meeting face to face with our team for 1 – 2 hours, we explore your brand personality, and understand who you want to be in the marketplace.


Meeting face to face with our team for  2 hours, we discover your target audience, their personas and pain points. Getting under their skin so you can build a connection with them and understand what will drive them to purchase from you.


Once we know what you want to be and who your real customers are we review your competitors – finding out what’s working for them and how you can sand out in a crowded marketplace


We review your marketing and brand and recommend what we can do in order to work towards you getting an return on your investment.


At the completion of the 4 Step Brand Audit process, we will produce and present you of our findings. The report presentation includes a visual guide and brand proposal, that gives you confidence in your brand and helps you to move forward with your marketing plans.

What’s your investment ?

$1495 +GST

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Proof discovery works and gives you confidence in your brand


If your company is considering a re brand and wants clarity about their brand, visual brand identity, personality, and compelling connection to your customers to reinforce why customers should want to work with you then this easy 4 step brand audit is highly recommended.


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