Foundation House is a very special project for us, we have worked from discovery through rebrand, website and a series of  emotional videos, we are continuing our work with Foundation House


After working with The Building Trades Group on their re brand we had many dealings with Foundation House, the work they were doing was amazing and inspirational.

Foundation House is rehabilitation centre for drugs, alcohol and other drugs. Based in Sydney it supports the construction industry.

I wanted to work with them, to help them build a strong brand that would support and grow with them.

We started with  full discovery, so we could truly understand Foundation Houses needs. This moved into logo rebrand, website, video series, focus group testing, and into marketing.

Working with a charity such as Foundation House is inspiring and I feel extremely proud of what we have achieved.

With all branding projects meeting everyone involved in the business, understanding their needs and pain points and building a relationship is so important. We truely believe that you have to become part of the team to be able to create and design a brand that speaks their language and communicates to their audience.

We had a number of meetings and understood that the original brand – now around 10 years old was looking unprofessional, lacking in connection with todays construction industry and the message was not holistic in its approach.

Many other support groups for the construction industry had developed and left Foundation House behind. We put a proposal together for a full re brand consisting of

Logo, Business Cards, Posters, Flyers, and video

They needed a consistent brand message and style to gain investment.

We wanted to ensure that the brand we built gave a positive vibe, and that gave people possibility looking for support a feeling of hope.

The brand needed to be easily recognisable, and we wanted to give a feeling of Foundation House being a home away from home, and that the people working their cared for them as much as family.

We used the words Strength, Hope, Happiness, Rehab. We used positive imagery that supported these words but also enabled users to connect with the issues they maybe having.

We also knew that we wanted to share some of the inspirational stories of the people who had been through the program. People trust people and we wanted to show potential clients the good news stories but also the truth that rehab is not easy and you have to really want it, to make it work.

We worked on 4 testimonial videos were we filmed very real and raw stories.

Foundation House Rebrand went live in June 2017, it is one of my favorite projects, not because I love the design, but because I know it talks to the target audience. The testimonial videos still bring a tear to my eye, even though I have watched them many many times.

We feel like part of the FH team, and I am looking forward to continuing to work together.

View LIVE website here


We were referred to The Business Designer via The Building Trades Group Drug and Alcohol Program, who we work with closely. Foundation House was in desperate need of a total rebrand and a new website, there was definitely a need for a bottom up approach and the “Discovery” process allowed that to take place with key stakeholder involvement. As a result we able expose the soul of our organisation, who we are, what we do, how we do it and why we do it. Emma and her team were able interpret the essence of our organisation and deliver it in the branding and website, which was no mean feat. Also, Emma produced video testimonials which have been outstanding in delivering the emotive nature of a client’s journey through our organisation. The results we have achieved are exceptional and are the outcome of the professional approach and the creative direction delivered by The Business Designer Team headed by Emma Morgan.

David Atkin – Foundation House

Oct  2016 – ongoing
Branding, Design, Web, Video, Marketing
Foundation House