We are always up for a challenge and RFL was just this – How do you make an alternator look creative?


We were referred to RFL my another client, to be totally honest to start with I seriously thought about not taking them on, my first thought was how can I find a creative solution for alternators – plus I know nothing about them…at all.

But we are not a team to shy away from challenging projects.

We worked through a full discovery process which was necessary, it allowed us to really understand their audience, objectives and business.

RFL needed a new brand, logo, website, event kit and flyer.

There were many challenges with this project.

  • An extremely niche specialist product.
  • A lack of exciting and visually interesting imagery
  • Highly technical specifications and details that needed to be communicated.
  • The site also had to be in English and Chinese.

We rose to these challenges, learnt about RFL, the alternator industry and their potential clients.

We knew that their target market was wide, with majority of Alcohol users being 35 upwards, drug users 18 – 30. We needed a brand style that would appeal to all age groups, that would feel raw and real, without it being overbearing and dictating. We needed to look and feel professional but approachable.

Using black and white imagery allowed us to get a gritty and raw look and feel, and introducing the bright yellow worked with the construction industry.

We changed their tagline from What you do in your own time is your own business, to when your business becomes our business – Just not at work mate. We wanted to let people know that substance abuse is not just about taking drugs at work, that it effects their friends and family and TBTG has a holistic approach that can really help them.

Building trust and connection is very important – so that people who need help feel supported and protected.

The Building Trades Group now has a clear brand style that works for all areas and can be reproduced with confidence. They have assets to provide information at the toolbox talks. We are now working on a video edit to use at the toolbox talks and are looking forward to continuing to work with the team at TBTG and supporting their amazing work.

View LIVE website here


We needed a full rebrand for RFL, and after meeting with Emma and seeing the work she had done with her other clients we felt confident she could help us.

Since our rebrand and the marketing work The Business Designers team have done we have seen an increase in your brand perception and business is growing.

Jason Clegg – RFL Alternators

Feb 2017 – ongoing
Branding, Design, Web Marketing
RFL Alternators