Running a project, especially creatives ones with multiple elements, content, resources can be a minefield. Keeping on track of whats needed and when is key to keeping your clients happy.

Here are a few must haves for running a successful project, no matter how big or small.


  • Have in depth knowledge of your client, what they want and possibly more important what they don’t want. Think about what is important to them, what they see, feel and think.


  • Strong communication skills – so you can get inside your clients head, know how to build a relationship that allows them to open up. Working face to face, even if this is via Skype means you can build a relationship that opens up the channels of communication.


  • Schedule as if your life depends on it – making sure everyone knows what’s expected of them and set timelines that can be achieved. Keep regular track of what is needed, and be flexible, moving schedules around is not the end of the world as long as everyone is in the loop.


  • Keep on track – things change in projects this is inevitable, so you must be able to stay on top and manage changes with the least number of problems. You can do this by triple checking your amendments before sending the out, and collate your amendments, don’t drip feed them. Using project management programs such as to keep all communications in the same place.


  • Build processes that can be repeated and re used –  when you get the core elements right re use them to save you time, having clear and easy to use templates for comms / briefs / schedules is a no brainer. Keep a libary of templates that have worked for various projects.


  • Be trustworthy – Never miss a deadline and deliver as promised, building trust and respect, is key to a successful project, without it it’s a downward hill.


  • Always be honest – Moving on from the last point, always be honest especially if there is money involved be up front and clear so there can be no miscommunications.


  • Keep talking – keep communications frequent and well managed, don’t waffle, everyone is busy and great project management should happen behind the scenes, making things work like clock work without adding to the process.


  • Centralise your processes – People want to be involved in the project management of a project, but not bothered by the details. Keeping a central area where everyone can see whats going on when they need to means your clients feel part of the process and everyone is kept on track.


  • Outsource when you need to, find the right people for every stage of the job. Not everyone is an expert in all areas – know yours and your teams limitations.  Outsourcing project management can be the difference between success and chaos. Happy and Unhappy Clients.


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