I guess we should start with what is branding and why is having a consistent brand so important for your business?


I like to think of branding as a personality, your DNA.


It is a gut feeling, a vibe, an impression people make about you and your business almost immediately.


It’s an emotional first reaction, we have all made these first impressions, sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong, but once that first impression is made it can be hard to shake.


Your brand is more than your logo, website or marketing materials. It’s the experience people have when working with you. Starting with the way you answer the phone, down to the style of font you use on your business card and the style of photography you have on your website.


This is why you often hear it being described as a “Brand Experience”. It is the experience people take away with them after working with you. It is their perception of you and your business.


A series of experiments by Princeton psychologists researched that it takes just a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from just their face, and guess what it is no different for the face of your business. A potential customer may see you first, you website first or a shop front first, however your customers find you, ensuring their first impression is a good one is down to excellent, consistent branding.


Building a consistent brand is critical. Taking time to plan and create the brand experience your clients want and need is more than choosing your favorite colour.


So… To begin with you must know your ideal client, inside and out, what makes them tick and what they’re looking for in the service or product you’re providing – because without this knowledge how can you build a brand experience that resonates and appeals to them?


Unless your business drastically changes, your brand essence and core values should be consistent.


Here are 5 things a consistent brand will do for your business.




It is said that people need to see a brand 6 times before making a decision to purchase. If that brand constantly changes its look, feel and message, getting through to your ideal clients and making a connection with them will take forever.

Think about a business like Nike or Apple – no matter how many products they bring into the market and how different those products are to each other, their brands never falter. With Apple it is so strong and consistent that you can tell it is an Apple product before they tell you. Consistent branding at it’s best.


Separation from your competitors.


A couple of years ago I read a quote from a successful entrepreneur – it said “ There is enough space for everyone in business, you just need to find your own space”

For example if you’re a health coach there are hundreds if not thousands of competitors out there. But the one thing you can do to make you stand out in this crowded marketplace is to build a brand around you and your story. Make it personal. Be unique and don’t get lead by others and their styles. Let your brand make a statement about your values and this will undoubtly connect with your clients and give you separation from your competitors.


Consistent Brands put people at ease.


In general customers don’t like change, it makes them feel uneasy.

Remember the monumental Coke a Cola blunder of the 80’s?

They tried to change the packaging and who knows why the famous recipe. People went crazy, they had come to expect a brand and when this changed – even if it was for the better, that didn’t matter, they had brand loyalty and nothing was going to change that.

So the lesson to learn is when you get your branding right, stick to it like glue. Be consistent.


A consistent brand makes people feel comfortable and know what to expect.


When it comes to spending money whether for a service or product, people want to feel confident. Your brand shows them what to expect. When I shop at Kmart, their brand says, low prices, quick turnaround, and great value. I know what I’m getting. If I shop at Country Road, I expect to pay more because of their consistent brand, and I am comfortable with that.


Consistent Branding allows you to build a connection with your clients.


When your brand is consistent and connected to the needs of your business and customers, you instantly gain a connection.

The oldie but goodie “ People do business with people they like” is so true. You are part of your brand be consistent with your messaging and output in all areas and connections will be made.



Your brand is at the core of your business, it is your heart and soul.


It is something you need to commit to and deliver on.


Make a promise to your customers and build brand loyalty.


Take the time to get it right at the beginning and then stick to it like glue.


Be consistent with your look feel and service and people will spread the word for you.


Build a Creative, Consistent, Connected Brand and your business will fly.




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